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BladeSpray is an innovative new hockey product invented in Canada

BladeSpray has been tested by hockey players at all competitive levels. Our customers immediately commented on the cost savings and some even stated that their puck handling improved.

When we developed BladeSpray, the first criteria was to waterproof the taped hockey stick. We quickly discovered that the matrix of cloth hockey tape immediately starts to break down when it gets wet. We added a second criteria, to toughen the hockey tape, without reducing stick handling and pass receiving abilities. Our third criteria was ease of use.

BladeSpray comes packaged in an easy to use aerosol spray can. You will find it easy to use and very effective. A can of BladeSpray will last through at least 15 applications. BladeSpray is also available in cases of 20 cans. The perfect size for a hockey team; 4 lines, 6 defensemen and 2 goalies.

We believe that BladeSpray will outperform alternative treatments.

Some hockey players wax their taped hockey stick. Waxing a hockey stick has several limitations including; uneven application of the wax and a short life span. Waxing does not do a very good job of protecting the tape and it does not waterproof the hockey tape like BladeSpray. Waxing can make the hockey tape stiffer causing the puck to jump over the stick. BladeSpray leaves the hockey tape more pliable, improving puck handling.

Other products include paint on tape replacements. These products add unnecessary weight to your stick. They are brushed on. This is not convenient and requires time consuming clean up afterwards. BladeSpray is quick and easy to use.

BladeSpray also works great on your grip. The white taped hockey stick on the left shows what happens to the grip. The breakdown you see in the tape is caused by sweat.

The black taped grip on the right has been treated with BladeSpray. BladeSpray penetrates the tape and waterproofs it to maintain the freshly taped look and feel for several games.

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